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The products in this store are all designed or recommended by Dr. Willow Liu, the editor of the current only available book MODERN RESEARCH OF TRADITIOANL HERBAL MEDICNE that systematically introduces research and quality control methods of herbal medicine. Dr. Liu received her B.S. degree of Chinese herbal Pharmacology, M.S. of Medicine, and Ph.D. of natural product medicine from China and was trained as a post-doctoral research scientist in Columbia Univeristy in New York. She was aslo invited to Germany for studying herbal medicine as a reserch fellow of the prestigious AvH foundation. She has more than 25 years reseacrh and clinical experience. She has taught Chinese Herbology, Chinese Nutrition, and modern Pharmacology, Nutrition, and Phytochemistry in China and USA. She developed herbal products not only on the basis of traditional functions and modern research results, but also the clinical effects through her own clinical practic.